The cost of blindly screwing into chipboard flooring

The financial cost of blindly screwing/nailing into a noisy chipboard, or any flooring material for that matter, can get out of hand extremely quickly. It takes seconds to send some screws/nails into a chipboard floor, but can take months and considerable cost to put right the aftermath…

Of course there are the dangers of blindly screwing/nailing into flooring that you should consider, but here we’ll be solely looking at how this practice can really pull on your purse strings!

As outlined in my article ‘Dangers of screwing into chipboard flooring‘ (I strongly advise you to read that article), there are three main problems blindly screwing/nailing into any flooring material.

They are ; water pipes, gas pipes, and electrical cables. Across every single property built in the UK, you will find these lurking under every floor covering. Hit any one of the them, and the bills may well start pouring in.

(The picture on the left shows a chipboard floor with multiple screws retrospectively installed – the next picture shows the result)

I think most of us know that electricians, plumbers, and gas engineers aren’t cheap. Call out charges, and general hourly labour rates in some cases leaving a nasty dent in the bank balance.

By far and arguably the most destructive element is water. Particularly if a water pipe is hit upstairs.

(The picture on the right shows the results from the above picture – This could just as easily have been a gas pipe or electrical cable) 

If a pipe, especially a heating pipe, is screwed or nailed into upstairs, you are firmly at the mercy of gravity.

(A better lit view of the above picture showing a jet of water coming from the 22 mm water pipe)

Simply turning off the main ‘water cut off valve’ will not help. The water stored in the pipes and radiators will want to travel downwards. Depending on your heating system and/or setup, as well as the way the pipe is caught by the screw/nail. Sometimes the water will trickle out. Other times, it will leave the system fast!

The ensuing damage from water can effect walls, ceilings, and floors. All of which can result in significant costs, upheaval, insurance excess charges, and future insurance premiums (should you have the particular cover and wish to use it).

In short, do not play Russian roulette! It can cost both financially and physically on many levels. It’s so tempting to think, ‘I’ll just put a screw through where the noisy is coming from’. Well, STOP, and think before you do!

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