Meet The Team

Wes ~ Director & Founder

Michael Wesley Farrell (Known as Wes) founded SqueakFix back in 2016 which later he incorporated in 2019 when it became SqueakFix Ltd.

Wes has amassed nearly 30 years in the wood flooring industry and still plays an active role on project installations.

With a mix of engineering (B-Tec level) and property renovations in his early life, and a lengthy career in the wood flooring installation industry, he was extremely well placed to take on the task of designing a real and permanent solution to noisy floors.

Add technical knowledge with a deep understanding of business, and you are in good hands with Wes leading the SqueakFix Ltd team.

Lyndsay ~ Project Manager

Lyndsay has been with SqueakFix Ltd from the very start and is frankly the backbone of the business.

Starting her early working life in the hospitality industry and later working within the communications sector has given her a well rounded skillset which enables her to juggle many plates very well!

As our project manager she oversees everything from early contact with clients, stock orders, project logistics, relevant accounting work, certain aspects of maintenance, final invoicing and lots more.

She is an absolutely critical part of SqueakFix Ltd and should you have the pleasure to talk or deal with her, we’re sure you’ll agree, she’s delightful and professional all in one.

Liam ~ Installer

Liam joined SqueakFix Ltd in 2020 and has grown to be an absolute rock of the company. As one of our installers, he is on the front line and essential to the business.

He does not miss a beat. Always on time and always helpful and friendly to clients. His knowledge of the practical side of the business deepens on a seemingly daily basis.

Brian ~ Part Time Hero

Brian has been with us forever! He’s a backend staff member dealing with receiving stock orders, customer deliveries, filling in when deadlines are tight, and generally just being a hero.

He doesn’t deal direct with clients often but you will find him mentioned within our customer reviews. A very well liked part of the SqueakFix Team.

Luke ~ Business Consultant

Although not directly employed by SqueakFix Ltd, we felt Luke needed to be noted as part of the team. He’s spent a decent amount of time in and around the business, to learn how we work with a view to tailoring the advice he gives. He actually played a starring role in our promotional video (in case you thought you recognised him from somewhere).

He typically helps us with marketing and business strategy and has an absolute unshakeable passion in seeing us grow. Don’t let his youthful looks fool you, he has an extremely solid pedigree from flagship store management, regional area operations management, marketing, and financial markets. He now runs his own freelance consultancy business where he helps companies like ours grow.