We’re Now Fair Tax Accredited

Are the companies you hire paying their tax from the money you give them? Well, not surprisingly, some are not! Some are pocketing your hard earned with nifty loop holes and even down right fraudulent behaviour.

At SqueakFix we absolutely do not play those games, never have and never will. It’s all very well us telling you this in an article, so when we found out about the Fair Tax Foundation, we decided that was the ideal route to go down to provide our clients with reassurance. The Fair Tax Foundation carry out a comprehensive audit on a companies accounts spanning back four years.

The process for SqueakFix was extremely straight forward. We haven’t put a foot wrong since the business was started. We’ve never had any problems with our tax affairs, played silly games, or even so much as had a late payment penalty.

At SqueakFix we believe running a solid well managed company is critically important for our clients. It gives our clients reassurance that if a company is managed well from the foundations, and abides by all UK tax laws, then you can be highly confident we’ll manage ourselves to the highest degree when working in your property.

Paying the correct taxes is fundamental for our society. Arguably it’s been the roughest four or five years the country has had (article written in 2024) in decades and companies adding to the problems by not paying the right taxes is frankly aberrant.

It’s all very well again us telling you we’ve paid our taxes, but what exactly have we paid over the past years? From now on, we’ll be publishing our tax information on this website at the bottom of each page under ‘Fair Tax Mark Statement and Disclosure‘. On that page you’ll see our current tax policy and declaration as well as our most current tax payments information.

We’re not here to take a high and mighty ethical stance, but we do want you as our clients to trust we’re doing the right thing across the board. From our financial affairs to our hands on work ethic, you can be assured, you’re in safe hands.



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