Machinery And Technology Allows Us To Stand Out

We’re now coming up to our seventh year of providing our noisy floor remediation services and in that time we’ve been constantly developing. From the tools we use, methods we employ, and even language we speak..

I don’t think a company ever stops developing. There’s always something that needs improving. Something that’s crying out for a ‘better way’.

During our time in this field, one of the biggest drives has been physical pain. It’s a hard job, make no mistake. Pain does have its benefits. It makes you strive to create ‘tools’ that will make it easier on our staffs bodies as well as generally speed some of our processes up, with the ultimate and gradual knock on effect of bringing costs down for our clients. Innovation or even utilizing other peoples tools and/or designs has been front and centre here. I mean, when you’re doing something day in day out, you do tend to naturally create methods of doing things in a smarter way. The tools we now use are highly developed, but there’s more to come. As we speak we have three game changing prototype tools that are being built. As I mentioned earlier, companies never stop developing.

The methods we use really got developed within the first two to three years of the business starting with real world trials and testing. There’s only one way to learn in this industry, and that’s by providing guarantees. You’d be amazed at how much pressure a guarantee puts on a company to develop and create rock solid methods. As you’ll probably see scattered around this website, is the fact that we want to avoid call backs! They’re expensive for us and clearly not good for our clients. If they have to call us back, something’s gone wrong. Thankfully, through our extensive trials and testing, our call back rate is now extremely low.

Language is probably one of the most important developments we’ve made. Let me clarify what I mean there. Our system requires a language to execute. When we’re dealing with chipboard/floorboards, everything is cut bespoke at one place/workstation on or around the grounds of our clients properties. Therefore, each individually cut piece of new flooring has it’s own name as it needs to be worked out in the rooms and sent to the workstation. For example, the first row of flooring to be installed would be called R1 (Row 1). The first piece of that row from left to right would be called S (Start). The second piece would be called M (Middle). The last piece would be called E (End). Then finally we’d require the measurement of the piece which could be 694mm. Our language system is actually a lot more complex than that, but this is simply an example. As a room is being plotted out, we can see a list developing. R1S694, R1M1080, R1E815, R2S953, R2M1080, R2E694 and so on through to infinity, although most rooms are between 5 and 7 rows. We recognised a while back that we needed a way to send these measurements or language to the workstation in real time so the new flooring could be cut to the required size and labelled by a designated person, then taken up to the relevant rooms. We simply utilised a text medium from our work phones that got sent straight through to a tablet pc at the workstation. An analogy we can see in daily life would be a drive through restaurant. Place your order with the cashier from your car, your order gets instantly sent through to the cooks & dispatch and it’s all done in the blink of an eye. No running up and down stairs with bits of paper in our case of pinning bits of paper to walls in the case of a restaurant. Here we used a mix of developing our own language and also using modern day technology to ours and our clients advantage.

Why is this development good for everyone? It takes the strain off our staffs bodies and allows them time to concentrate on the job at hand – fixing our clients noisy floors. It speeds some of our processes up with efficiency which in turn helps us keep a check on costs. Our clients get a far smoother, cleaner, less manic experience with frankly the best results out there, period.

We’re developing now and we’ll be developing perpetually into the future. As our experience grows and technology improves, we’ll be using both to the advantage of our staff and clients alike.

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