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 by Lisa
No more squeaky floorboards
Town: Leicester

We are the second owners of our house which was built in 2015. We noticed that there was an excessive creaking / cracking noise whenever someone walked in one of the bedrooms. I looked for a solution online and found SqueakFix. The work is not cheap and I wasn’t sure whether it would fix the problem so we did one bedroom first.

Wes discovered there was no insulation in the floorboards so we put that in at the same time. Work on the first bedroom was done in November 2021 and we have had no problems with it - no noise when someone walks around! In April 2022, Wes came to fix the remaining bedrooms. We are very glad we did the work because our house is now as it should be.

Thanks Lyndsay, Wes and team!

 by Elspeth
I feel like I live in a hotel!
Town: Beckton, London

We’ve lived in this “new build” since 1987 and coped with ever increasing screams from our upstairs floors. Wes and Liam repaired two bedrooms and a landing (Wes recommended we do the landing…listen to him, he’s right!) and even after 2 months I get out of bed and think my ears are blocked because of the silence.
Amazing, quick, polite, tidy, efficient work by the team and truly excellent support and advice in our extremely complicated lead up.
Now saving for the other two bedrooms!
I would not hesitate to recommend SqueakFix : excellent work.

 by John
Absolutely brilliant
Town: Leeds

Had a 3 bedroom house that had had sqeaking floors in the bedrooms for years but lockdown made me realise just how bad they were. I found Squeakfix through the internet and I'm very glad I did. From day 1 the whole process was really easy. Lyndsay was very friendly and communicated every step of the way and Wes was open and honest about everything when he came round to estimate. When Wes & Liam got started they were quick & efficient and Wes gave me an update and survey at the end of each day. They were also very friendly which also helps when you're working from home and "stuck" in a house with people for nearly a week. They refloored all 3 bedrooms, landing & stairs in 4 days and all the mess & rubbish were tidied up when they left. All in all a great service and I can now walk around my bedroom & stairs without waking the rest of the house.

 by Dawn
Highly recommend
Town: Rotherham

We moved into our home July 2021 and very soon realised we needed help to deal with our very squeaky floorboards in two bedrooms, our en-suite and landing!
From our initial email to SqueakFix through to completion of the recommended work, Lyndsay, Wes and Liam have been superb. Highly professional with 100% follow through on the agreed schedule and most importantly we no longer have squeaks! We would definitely recommend this Company.

 by Nikki
Absolutely great experience
Town: Leeds

Squeak Fix have by far been the best business that we have dealt with throughout the last year of our house move and various interior projects. After months of the worst squeaking and creaking from our entire upstairs floors, we knew we had to do something. The noise and feel were cheapening the house for us and at times I honestly felt like selling it. After screwing down floorboards and even getting in joiners to cut holes in the drywall to screw down the timber, nothing had worked and we knew we needed specialist help.

Lyndsay's quick and effective communication meant that from the very start, we knew exactly what to expect and how things would work. Throughout the assessment and decision period, they answered all my very small and trivial questions and made nothing seem irrelevant or unimportant. Their honesty was refreshing.

On the day the work started Wes and Liam arrived on time and after leaving them with all our keys and alarm codes, we decided to move out for the three-day period as working from home was not an option with the noise. During this time they kept us fully updated and it all went really smoothly. We were having our large master bedroom, small guest room, and entire landing replaced, so didn't expect all to go without any hiccups, but it did and the guys finished on time.

On day three when we came back to see the results we were absolutely thrilled. Not only were the floors now competely squeak-free but they now feel solid and have given the house a completely newer feel. I was concerned at the start about the aftermath of potential cracks in the ceiling, dented walls, and paintwork but I can honestly say that Wes and Liam were so careful, even the guys who relaid our carpet afterward commented on what a careful job they had done, given the nature of the work.

I would recommend the Squeak Fix team in a heartbeat, I'm so glad now that we took the plunge and went for it as it's made me fall in love with our house again.

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