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 by Catherine
Why, oh why didn’t we do this sooner!
Town: Macclesfield

We have a three bedroomed detached house built in the 1980s. We moved in in 2010 and have suffered with HORRENDOUS squeaky floors since then.

If someone was moving around upstairs the people below couldn’t listen to the TV or have a conversation without being disturbed. No-one could get up in the night to visit the bathroom without waking other people up, nor could you creep downstairs to raid the fridge! We decided that we would have to have the squeaks fixed because we wouldn’t be able to sell our house in the future if we didn’t. (We don’t intend moving just yet!). So we looked into getting the noise fixed. We realised that it would be a major upheaval and a considered expenditure as we needed the whole of our upstairs doing and also the stairs. Obviously we could have had the work done piecemeal, and Wes explained the various options that were available to us.

We were lucky that we could move out for the week and yet be on hand for any queries. We also decided to have Rockwool installed, hopefully to act as more noise insulation. In our circumstances, with the configuration of our rooms and built in cupboards/wardrobes the addition of the Rockwool wasn’t that successful, particularly in our master bedroom above the lounge. HOWEVER, our lives have been changed completely with the work done on the squeaky floors and stairs.

We feel that our mental health has improved (you don’t realise how stressful something is until it isn’t there) and I would 100% recommend Wes, Lyndsay and the team for the professionalism with which they carry out their business.

They are transparent and honest and clear about expectations. If we’d known how much difference this was going to make to our lives we would have had it done years ago, and even taken out a loan rather than saving up to have it done. Wes is keen that his customers give honest reviews and he’s constantly looking for ways to improve the service he provides.

We are grateful that he’s devised this solution and that we have had the work done. Thank you!

 by John
Great job again
Town: Leeds

Had my floors fixed 4 or 5 months ago by SqueakFix - a fantastic service first time round. Then my water pipes on the landing developed a leak and after speaking with Wes I booked them in to come and lift the boards again so the plumber could get at the leak. After doing this Wes phoned to say they could fit me in sooner and they duly arrived and ripped up the existing boards and even did a video so the plumber could see exactly where the leaking joint was. They even patched up the ceiling where the water had gone through and created a hole! They then came back after the plumber had fixed the leak and relaid the floor with minimum fuss. All in all I can't praise these guys enough - another job well done.

 by Phil
Town: Wesham

Bought a second hand new build with some nightmare upstairs flooring with creaking, squeaking and cracking noises. After Squeakfix, absolute silence. I couldn't be happier. The team was incredibly professional, well priced and efficient. No mess left behind. I highly recommend Squeakfix to get your peace of mind.

 by Alan
Town: Toddington

All of our upstairs floorboards squeaked very noisily. We have just had the landing, bathroom and our bedroom floorboards replaced. It is SO quiet now!

Squeakfix were very efficient. Lyndsay kept us informed throughout and Wes and Liam worked efficiently and professionally over the four days they were with us. They tidied up at the end of each day and Wes gave us an update daily.

I would not hesitate to recommend Squeakfix if you have noisy floors.

 by Stephen
Problem Solved!
Town: Milton Keynes

After nearly 20 years of progressively worsening creaky floorboards we found Squeakfix and thank goodness we did!! Squeakfix replaced our chipboard flooring in four bedrooms and the landing in two sessions. We also took the opportunity to have insulation installed in the floor cavities.The complete elimination of the creaking problem in these areas has been fantastic and we can't wait to get our new carpet down after redecoration. Throughout the process the team were always friendly, professional and efficient. We do not hesitate to recommend Squeakfix unreservedly to anybody suffering the same problems with creaking floorboards.

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