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 by Mrs. L
Both Pleased
Town: Nottinghamshire

Dear Lyndsey

Just to say thank you to Wes, Liam and yourself for a job well done.
Wes said we would get silence and certainly, as things stand, that is what has been achieved.

After a tough few years of 3 house moves in 2 years and a string of trades from solicitors to plumbers who over promised and under delivered we are understandably rather twitchy. We are however both pleased with the outcome on this occasion and, as some of our neighbours have now confessed to having similar issues, we will be pleased to tell them about the work that has been done.

Kind regards
Mrs. L

 by kevin
Squeaky floors and stairs
Town: Hampshire

We live in a 3 story house (18 years old)and had squeaky floors in the 1st floor, and 2 sets off stairs. The 1st floor which has 2 bedrooms and the landing was driving me crazy with squeaks and creaks . You could even hear some of these noises coming through the walls . I tried to get this fixed by a local Carpenter but with no joy, and most carpenters don’t seem interested or gave me any confidence. After lots of googling squeakfix kept coming up but I dismissed them as they are in Manchester and I’m in Hampshire. In the end I decided to contact them as I could not find anyone local, and I could not be more happier and wish I did from the start. Talking to Wes (the owner ) you can tell he really knows what he is talking about, and technically really understands floors and gave me the confidence to deal with him . I could not be more happier . No more squeaks or noises at all . I also had a bouncy floor in the bedroom (wardrobes would shake when walking past )which I’ve tried to fix in the past with no luck. I showed this to Wes when he did the Survey and he said he would try to fix this but could not guarantee it. Well the floor now is totally solid and no bounce at all . They also fixed my 2 sets of squeaky stairs . Total silence now when you walk up or down the stairs. I never write reviews but I think this company deserves it as they are totally professional easy to deal with and a breath of fresh air compared to most tradesmen.

 by Steve & Julie
Town: Durham

Professional and friendly service throughout. Wes and Liam carrying out the work, which is not as disruptive as you might think, and Lindsay keeping us up to date with all of the practical arrangements., excellent.

And the results are superb, no more ridiculous creaking noises from upstairs. We would highly recommend Squeak Fix.

 by Kate
Excellent job
Town: Watford

Wes and his team did an excellent job on our squeaky floors. We had tried fixing them previously with a tradesman but it only got worse so we were initially skeptical when we came across squeakfix but the customer reviews and the guarantee on the work encouraged us to go ahead. I am truly glad we did! Wes and his team did a fantastic job. The logistics and the whole process was seamless thanks to Lyndsay. They were punctual, very tidy! I highly recommend squeakfix

 by James
Creaking chipboard floors
Town: Liverpool

After living with creaking chipboard floors for the last 3 or 4 years which was driving me mad.
I found squeakfix on the internet after a quick email
Wez came out to check the job out.
new bedroom,bathroom and landing floor was needed(chipboard joint sitting over main run of pipes was the problem with no way of screwing down )can’t fault Wez and his team arrived promptly and professionally replaced the flooring which is now rock solid and as quiet as the day it was built.
After living with bad floors for so long I wouldn’t be put off by prices as this makes coming home a lot more pleasurable top job 👍

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