We are a small extremely dedicated team specialising in permanently removing chronic floor noises around the country.

We have a strong pedigree in the wood flooring industry starting out in the mid 90’s. Our initial expertise being focused around laminate and engineered wood flooring and progressing onto more complex parquet floors and high quality sub-floor preparations.

Although extremely important, we recognise it’s not just about the knowledge base. It’s about the client experience. Our system by nature isn’t pretty. It’s loud, messy and at times dangerous. To a large degree we have to insulate our clients from the process and deliver the end result as seamlessly as possible with the minimum of disruption. We do this very well!

We have developed a complete system aimed at resolving many facets of the complex issues involved around mechanical noise – squeaks, creaks, groans, growls and so on. This highly developed system is closely repeated on every project. Each step, method, product and stage has been tried and tested over and over. This is why we can assure results. We’ve been through the mill, and that’s an understatement!

You’re in good hands..

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