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    About SqueakFix

    Over the past 25 years as wood floor installers, we have recognized a serious problem with squeaky/noisy floors in new build style properties.

    Using this experience, we have developed a REAL solution that works! We WILL remove 95% of noise associated with chipboard flooring and more, GUARANTEED!

    Our mission is to provide you with a property that sounds and feels right, forever. To make your property NORMAL! Permanently! Just how it should have been in the first place.

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    Benefits of our solution

    • No more plotting a route through the squeaky mine field
    • No more waking the house up
    • Increased saleability and value to your property
    • No more intrusive noises when you’re relaxing downstairs
    • Bring back the quality feel to your property
    • No more embarrassment when people come to visit
    • Full liability cover both during and after work has been carried out
    • 5 Year SqueakFix Guarantee!
    • Insulation options available to help reduce sound transmission, energy consumption and costs
    • Health and Safety protocols and systems in place
    • M-Class dust extraction equipment used in your home to contain and remove harmful particles
    • Standard dust containment procedures in place
    • Over 95% of waste disposed by SqueakFix is diverted from landfill

    Our FAQs

    At the top of this page you’ll find a form. Fill in your :-

    ‘Name’ – In full.

    ‘Email’ address – Please remember to look out for our reply – being sure to check your ‘Spam’ folder.

    ‘Phone’ number – Optional. This can be helpful if you’d like us to call you to offer advice or checking to see if you’ve received our quotation pack. Your phone number will NOT be sold/passed to any third parties or used for future sales calls!

    ‘Postcode’ – We'll need this to estimate travel and overnight stay costs (If required).

    ‘Age of the property’ – We'll need this to quickly ascertain the basic methods used during the construction of your property. This helps us give a more accurate on-line quote.

    ‘Any Other Details’ – Here you can add anything. Perhaps a request to us i.e. "Please give me a price for each room", or any information you feel maybe relevant i.e. "Victorian property, although the room/s in question are an extension built 10 years ago", or "We also have a set of stairs that need to be included". Please feel free to write anything you wish.

    Now simply click ‘Submit’ – Once we receive your enquiry form, we’ll send you a confirmation email that you will need to reply to. This ensures we have an open dialogue and our emails aren’t going straight into an unread ‘Spam’ folder. We do this to avoid our staff wasting time as preparing an initial quote can be a relatively lengthy process. On replying to our confirmation email, you will then receive your quote via email that you will need to read through, as this will give you a lot of information regarding our service.

    At each stage you will be prompted by the content within our emails as to what to do next.

    If the quote is within budget, we’ll ask for a non-refundable assessment fee (which will be deducted from your final invoice should you decide to go ahead with the work). We’ll then arrange a convenient date/time for a representative to call round and assess your property (take measurements and inspect), discuss the process with you, and answer any questions you may have. Part of our assessment will include cutting a small hole in your current chipboard/floorboards. This is done to ascertain the thickness of your current flooring (so we can replace with a like for like thickness product for continuity/height purposes) and to check certain aspects of the cavity beneath your floor.

    Once the assessment has been completed, you’ll receive your ‘Guaranteed Price’ document within 48 hrs. Providing certain terms are met (highlighted in the ‘Guaranteed Price’ terms), the price given will not alter. We do this to help our clients with budgeting. Should we find any unforeseen issues, you'll know any extra cost is on us!

    If you’re happy with everything, you’ll just need to email and let us know. From there, we’ll email you a ‘Schedule’. This will include your ‘Initial Invoice’ date, ‘Materials Delivery’ date (A convenient exact date will be discussed with you nearer the time) , and ‘Installation’ date (A convenient installation date will be discussed with you). Again, you’ll be prompted via email at each stage of your ‘Schedule’.

    We are a ‘nationwide’ company. Therefore, we cover the whole of the UK. Although, certain areas can be extremely expensive to provide service i.e. Highlands of Scotland (due to transportation of materials difficulties).

    Our system is specifically aimed at permanently removing squeaks, creaks, cracks, and growls from your floors. As well as give your property back the feel of quality! We typically address chipboard/floorboards, noggins, joist hangers, partition wall base rail fixings, other people’s/tradesman’s attempts i.e. badly installed noggins/braces etc, and anything else we see as a potential for noise both in the present or future. As you’ll no-doubt understand, we don’t give a detailed ‘step by step’ guide of the process. Our system has taken many years to develop, which isn’t something we would simply give away. Livelihoods need to be protected.

    We offer/guarantee to remove THE noise up to 95%. Although, we often get results exceeding this.

    The 5% caveat is to allow for areas we may not be able to gain access to i.e. Beneath baths, water tanks etc.

    When we say ‘noise’, we are specifically talking about chronic squeaks, creaks, metallic sounds, growls. We do not offer to remove airborne and impact noise i.e. Talking/T.V’s and foot impact. We do offer a range of sound insulation products that CAN help with these issues. There are also specific floor covering underlays available on the market that can help greatly reduce airborne and impact noise.

    As a nationwide company (based in Manchester) there are many variables to consider when pricing i.e. travel, overnight stays, materials/delivery costs and size of the project etc. With that, giving a set one price fits all just doesn’t work. To give a very broad ballpark cost, you can expect to pay in the region of £100 to £250 per square metre. This would include all materials, labour, travel costs, overnight stay costs (if required), VAT and a single assessment. It's also worth noting that we don't carry out localised repairs. Meaning a small area/patch here and there. We ONLY apply our system to entire rooms. The reason for this is due to the high call back rate when only working on small areas i.e. Once the worst noise has been removed, other more subtle noises will typically become more obvious in the surrounding areas.

    Typically, an average sized room will take one to one and a half days. This can fluctuate subject to how the original chipboard/floorboards/joists were installed, the general logistics of the project, whether we have to strip back other tradesman’s work or if any areas require special attention. Certain rooms can also increase the time. For example, landings can be particularly time consuming due to the – often vast – amount of pipes and cable present.

    Solving the ever present issues of failing chipboard/floorboards has required a lot of thought, trials, and errors. We were well placed to start with. Having an extremely strong background in wood floor installations for over 25 years, gave us unique insights through experience. Understanding the effects of temperature and humidity changes in wood type materials really gave us the deep knowledge we needed to solve this issue. Add a background in engineering and a degree of science to such a vocation and the solutions, with longevity in mind, came over a number of years.

    We now have a complete system that encompasses ALL associated floor noises in properties built from the late 1960’s to present day.

    It’s not that others can’t solve it. It’s just we went down the rabbit hole the furthest! And survived to bring you a system you can trust!

    If it was that easy, SqueakFix probably wouldn’t exist!

    Screws rarely offer a ‘real’ permanent solution. It’s fair to say, very small localized areas may benefit from simply being screwed down. However, over the years we’ve found screws can and often do actually add to the problem.

    There’s also an understanding of the noise issues which is important here. It’s rarely just the chipboard/floorboards that cause noise. 99% of the time – as well as the chipboard/floorboards – noise is created by a multitude of things. For example, loose noggins, joist hangers, partition wall base rail fixings, pipes etc. To simply try to screw the chipboard/floorboards down is only to try and fix a fraction of the related issues.

    A word of caution

    If you’re thinking of trying to add screws yourself or have someone do it for you, be very careful. Under your floors lie many pipes and cables. Although there have been huge advances in electrical safety i.e. With the introduction of RCD’s, you just never know.

    Screwing into a water pipe can do a lot of damage to ceiling, woodwork, floors, and décor. Water is also an excellent conductor of electricity!

    Screwing into a gas pipe (yes, there will often be one lurking somewhere) can be extremely dangerous and not to say expensive. In the interests of not scaremongering, there seems to be very few cases where screwing into a gas pipe has caused considerable damage/injury. However, it’s extremely easy to unwittingly screw through a copper pipe and not know about it. Merely catching/nicking a gas pipe will allow gas to escape and build up in the floor cavity.

    In short, DO NOT play Russian roulette!

    In a word, No. We DO uplift carpets and loose lay them back down when the work has been completed. However, as we are not carpet fitters, you would need to arrange this with a local carpet company.

    Yes. The work we do is invasive. We will require full access to the sub-floor (chipboard/floorboards). Please be wary of gimmicky products that say you don’t have to lift the carpet!

    Cutting corners is IMPOSSIBLE for us. As we're based in Manchester and provide service across the entire country we have to be very careful.

    We offer a 5 year guarantee. Apart from the fact we're a responsible company and wouldn't cut corners anyway, if we did leave many jobs with substandard results, the backlash from that over a 5 year period would have a serious impact on our business. Yes, snags happen, they're inevitable. From time to time we do have to call back to clients properties to address small issues we may have missed or have arose from settling. However, bad systematic working practises would utterly cripple our business.

    Call backs wouldn't be that bad if we simply offered a local service - nip round and fix. However, call backs when a company offers a nationwide service are expensive. An 800 mile round trip just to address a small noise is extremely expensive for us. As the work is so specialized and we highly value quality feedback and success, we don't sub-contract - period. Hence, the by product of us not wanting to deal with numerous call backs, is we dig deep...

    We have to cover a lot of issues when we fix our clients noisy floors. We have to dig deep and even anticipate future noise problems that may arise. Simply addressing the noise that's there now just doesn't cut the mustard. Experience over the years has shown us that...

    I'm not saying we solely do a good job to avoid 'call backs'. Of course we aim for every client to be over the moon with the results, and our reviews are testament to that. What I'm saying is, 'call backs' are what hold us to account - so to speak. A type of punishment. Hence, I'm happy to say our system is that well developed, our call back rate is extremely low!

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    Questions about this form? 0333 355 2626

      Should you wish to add pictures, please attach them here. If you'd like to send more, please do so by emailing us directly via the email address at the bottom of this page