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SqueakFix has now joined the movement to off set our carbon footprint with the help of Ecologi!

We’re so proud of this move and are looking forward to investing in our collective future.

Our initial commitment last year through to November 2023 has prevented over 108 Tonnes of C02 (tCO2e) from entering our atmosphere. That’s approximately equal to using 8000 gallons of diesel!! We think that’s a brilliant start to our commitment and we’re looking forward to continuing to invest into the future. Added to that within the same investment we’ve planted 1450 trees. These will mature and get to work way into our future so the impact of ours and many other contributors on the Ecologi platform will hopefully be seen years down the line.

The investments we’ll be making into Ecologi will be used to fund renewable energy projects such as wind and solar that will reduce carbon in the shorter term and plant trees that will absorb carbon in the future.

We already closely monitor the waste disposal aspects of our business and will continue to do so in the future. We’ll be looking in more detail at how we can drastically lower our consumption of single use plastics by pro-actively looking at suppliers that can accommodate as well as how we can change our own working practices. We’ll be looking closely at lowering our vehicles emissions. Whether that be with the purchase of electric, hybrid or newer and cleaner vehicles. Our focus is with a cleaner future in mind!

With the recent purchase of newer and cleaner vehicles, we’re already pro-actively applying that promise to our business and for our clients based within the London ULEZ zones, you’ll be glad to hear, no additional charges will be incurred as our new vehicles comply with current up to date emissions (Euro 6).

Also not to mention, with newer vehicles comes more fuel efficiency and less maintenance costs. Both of which lower costs to our clients. All positives here!

Our next update will be posted at the back end of 2023, but if you’d like to follow us on our journey with Ecologi either by watching our forest grow (via the tracked trees we’ll be planting – Simply click the picture below and scroll down. Click any set of trees or wind turbine icons and you’ll see the projects we’re investing in and the actual tracked tree numbers.


SqueakFix Ltd Ecologi Profile