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The chances are, if you’re on this website, you’re considering solving your problem of squeaky creaky chipboard floors. There’s also another opportunity you could benefit from, insulation!

It’s likely you’ll never get this chance again! It’s no secret that to remove your squeaky creaky chipboard, we remove the chipboard itself.

When the chipboard is removed, the cavity between your downstairs ceiling plasterboard and first floor, is exposed. This affords us the ideal opportunity to greatly add to the efficiency and improved acoustic elements of your home by placing acoustic or thermal insulation within the cavity.

Benefits :

Energy saving – You’ll feel warmer when downstairs as the insulation will help prevent the heat from transferring into the cavity and upwards. In other words, you won’t require the heating on as much.

Lower carbon footprint – As you’ll be using the heating less, you won’t be burning as much fossil fuels.

Lowers sound transference – Sound travels by air molecules vibrating and colliding together. If the cavity is empty, it can act like a drum. Giving free space for the molecules to go wherever they like. If the cavity is filled (even partially) with an insulating material, this will lessen the amount of space such molecules have to maneuver and collide, thus, lowering the airborne sound of people talking upstairs and generally reducing the acoustics in your home.


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