Naturally over the years whilst solving noisy floors we’ve come into contact with clients that needed their noisy stairs solving aswell. It took a decent amount of time, trials and errors to come up with a solid working repeatable system, but now we can hand on heart say we’ve done it!

Stairs are a complex beast. They have many potential moving parts from treads, risers, stringer wedges and so on. Add that to the incredible amount of heavy use and it was genuinely a tough nut to crack.

The standard advice we’ve seen on the internet to screw the treads into the risers and/or use adhesives from the back etc simply does not work in our opinion (from a systematic point of view). The above may work on the odd set of stairs to some degree or another but when providing a professional service we simply can’t create a system based on the sentiment “some degree or another”. As a company based in Manchester providing service nationwide, as well as our primary incentive of having happy clients, our secondary incentive to get this right was avoiding call backs! A call back to us can mean an 800 mile round trip! As you can see, when we step up and provide any particular service, we have to be absolutely sure the service is top notch.

We’ve trailed and tested our system extensively. To such a degree that we can now even offer a money back guarantee. There is no other UK company in this field that offers that, period! We’re so sure of our results, we back them!

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