Noise coming from walls as you walk by?

Over many years of resolving noisy floors for our clients, we’ve come to realise, it’s never just the floors. There’s many facets to noise in a home and a chronic loud noise coming from walls as you walk by is very much one of them..

Typically we would resolve such noises while carrying out our other work of permanently silencing floors. However, as wall noises can be that bad, we have now rolled out an independent service to resolve these types of noises.

Not everyone wants to go through the process of sorting their noisy floors out. Some can live with it. However, there’s very few of us that can live with the absolute and perpetual noise that’s sometimes emitted by a wall as you walk passed. Such noises can be that bad, many of our clients wonder if it’s dangerous. Well let me put your mind at ease straight away. It’s not dangerous one little bit. It’s more of an annoyance than anything. Although, when a member of the family needs go to the toilet in the dead of night and wakes everyone up, it can be something that needs addressing. A home should be a place of peace and tranquillity, not a place of contention.

All we’d generally require is a video of the offending area/s sent to our email address at and after an initial assessment of the video by our experts, you’ll receive a price document and subject to your agreeing, you could be free of that chronic noisy wall for good within a couple of weeks. It really is that simple. All that time and money that’s been wasted on quick fix attempts and tradespeople that don’t know what they’re doing. Why not get it fixed once and for all by a company that really do know what they’re doing, SqueakFix!

Simply fill out the form below or even just send us your video directly to our email address with your approximate location and you’ll have a price within 24 hours. Easy!

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