Do Screws Work? Look At This..

In the early days of SqueakFix, well, even before SqueakFix was created, me and my business partner at the time tried everything you can imagine to try and help our customers solve their noisy flooring issues. I think we, like most, relied on forums and quick how to videos to try and fumble a result. Adding screws was one of the first things we tried as it was the easy and cheap option and boy did we learn quickly how wrong that approach was..

Adding screws into chipboard and floorboards to get rid of the noises is the main go to for joiners/carpenters/builders/diy’ers etc. It’s the first and highly likely the last thing developers will offer to do for you. If you’re in the position of trying to get a developer to fix the issues in your brand new home, you’ll probably know exactly what I’m talking about there. Developers hate spending money!

Let me tell you, screws simply do not work! In most cases, they even make matters worse! But how can we be so sure of this? Apart from seeing our own results back in the early days and also our position in the field of providing remedial work for noisy floors all over the country for many years, we get to see everyone else’s attempts as well. By far, the leading first thing we have to do on 90% of our projects is remove screws. We’ve removed thousands and thousands of screws. Different shapes, different sizes, special screws this and special screws that. They simply do not work.

I have to say, it’s not just screws that don’t work either. You can imagine we’ve had to remove and/or strip back everything that joiners/diy’ers/carpenters etc have pretty much ever tried.

In the picture below, you can see four different attempts alone. We have two different types of screws used to try and anchor the chipboard flooring down, one smaller type of screw used to anchor down mending plates (the metal strips with four holes in them), and lastly you’ll notice a diluted pva solution that’s been applied to the chipboard seam.

All of which, didn’t do anything to solve the problem. If you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of that fact or are on the way to finding out that fact. 



When you need somebody to permanently remove ALL the noises from your floors, you’ll need to speak to a company with the experience. A company that has years under its belt. A company that has made mistakes, learnt by them and put them right. Here at SqueakFix we’re not here to simply have a go at fixing your floors, we’re here to actually fix your floors, guaranteed!

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