Fixing Noisy Floors Is An Investment

Whether you’ve just bought your new forever home, are ready to sell, or even have a five year plan, one of the number one things you can do for your home, is silence those floors!

Forever Home

Who wants to live with noisy floors for the rest of their life?! Absolutely nobody. They’re something you just simply can’t get away from. Ever-present. We’ve literally had clients that have lived with and been tormented by their noisy floors for over twenty years.

Here’s what happens. You buy your forever home without even noticing the floors are chronically noisy. You know, we all just get carried away with the excitement. Alternatively, you buy your new home with the belief it’s just a simple fix and the estate agent that showed you round is certainly going to affirm that notion as well. Pop a few screws in and you’re away. Nope, rarely works out like that. Three or Four tradesmen down the line, trying to get it sorted in between changing carpets etc and before you know it, your lovely home has had this perpetual problem from the moment you moved in to present day.

Such a common story we hear from clients. Many of our projects are on estates that are thirty to forty years old and we meet many people that have lived with the issue since they bought their house new.

Getting ready to sell

When you’re getting ready to sell, noisy floors can be a real problem! From experience, when we work on an estate, we often get approached by locals when we’re cutting wood outside. We find through this experience that when we see one house effected, it’s more often than not the case that most if not all the houses within the area are effected. Makes sense right? Same developer, same way of working, same materials. Of course, some estates may only be partly effected as the issues may well be down to an open roof letting water in when the property was being built or perhaps a change of main contractors half way through the development. However, most of the time, if one’s got noisy floors, they all have.

The issue of noisy floors is becoming more prevalent and what people are prepared to put up with when they’re paying high prices for their homes is far less. Rightly so, they want near perfection.

People are wising up. They understand the issue of chronically noisy floors isn’t simply resolved by adding a few extra screws. It isn’t resolved by simply swapping the chipboard or floorboards. It’s a problem that needs resolving properly.

If you’re getting ready to sell and want to increase the value of your home, make it easier to sell, and from a moral point of view pass on a home that’ll be a pleasure for the new owners for years, you’ll want to look at getting your floors silenced properly and permanently.

With a fully transferable guarantee, SqueakFix are well placed to offer you and them just that.

Five year plan

Three, five, or ten years, it shouldn’t really matter. There’s a lot of hours and days in a year. Your home is where you spend most of your time. It’s your foundation where meals are ate, fun times are had, and where rest is enjoyed.

Before you move on to your next home it’s worth considering how you want the next few years experience in your lovely current home to be. I think most of us would answer that by saying ‘as perfect as can be’. Living with the torment of noisy floors is no way to live. Anyone that has will know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s something that just does not have to be. It can be solved and solved for good. Who knows, that three, five, or ten year plan may not even happen after you’ve solved your floors and fall in love with your home again.

If any of what I’ve said above resonates, fill in the form below and get a quote within a couple of days. Your home is an investment no matter how you look at it…

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