Can noisy floors really be fixed

Sometimes, the title of my articles will often be a question I get a lot. Can noisy floors ‘really’ be fixed? Being one of the most common..

This question is born from several places. Typically, the first time people ask this is when they’ve contacted every type of tradesperson they can from general builders, carpenters, joiners, handymen/women and what they’ll often get back is they can’t be fixed, it’s impossible!

The second time is from first hand experience. After using several tradespeople to try and resolve their floors with very little success and in many cases actually making matters worse, the client themselves come up with the answer to the title question. That answer being, well, looks like they can’t be fixed!

We recently worked on a project in Bristol where our client had the house builders back a staggering eight times to try and fix their noisy floors. These were the same people that actually built the house amazingly. We do find that a lot to be fair. Many developers simply don’t understand why their floors are failing so badly. You can imagine how painful that is to a fragile ego. It’s a hard pill to swallow for an any ego really.

I do have to say, this isn’t just about ego’s. We see many developers/builders/carpenters etc that genuinely want to provide a solution for their clients. We see that in the efforts they go to. You can just tell they really were desperate to get the issues fixed. It’s hard for us to pin point the amount of times a project has taken twice as long due to us having to strip back other tradespeople’s work. Naturally, you can imagine we prefer a half hearted attempt as just taking a few hundred screws out of a floor is a lot easier than when a tradesperson has gone all in!

Anyway, back to the point of the title. Yes, noisy floors can be fixed! And not just for a few weeks or months, but for life. Permanently! What it takes for me to say that is a lifetime in the wood flooring industry (mostly installations), a background in engineering, determination, diligence, and a calculated approach.

In many ways, a calculated approach is probably what gave us the real knowledge. In the early days of the business we tried one thing and monitored the results. If the results just weren’t there we’d try something else or even add to what we’d done, monitored the results and so on. This went on for a good couple of years and was an absolutely vital time for the business.

We’re still developing the way we approach noisy floors today, but not the core applications. We know what works and what works permanently. Our development today is more about the ways in which we work, inventing relevant tools for the job, better systemisation within the business. All with a view to helping bring costs down for our clients. None of this truly affects the core of our business, that being we have the knowledge, professionalism and commitment to say ‘Yes’ we can fix your noisy floors for good!

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