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Through the years of providing our services, a common theme has always followed us around. On easily 90% of our projects, we have to strip back failed attempts at resolving noisy floors. From removing thousands of screws (often different types in the same project suggesting multiple attempts) to stripping back adhesives and all other kinds of so called easy fix methods…

There’s no doubt YouTube and forums have their place. I’ve personally used them myself to solve my own diy problems at home, but, the field of noisy/failed sub-floors is far more complex than you may think. Clearly noise and how much noise effects people is subjective. We completely get that. If someone uses a method from a YouTube video and gets a result of 50% (Although that may well be short lived), and they’re happy, then that’s great.

Look, I’m obviously biased because as the director and founder of SqueakFix Ltd, I personally know what’s gone into our systems. I know how hard it was in the early days to really and truly provide our clients with silence. It certainly wasn’t as easy as watching a five minute YouTube video or reading a forum post by Jack the builder. In reality it was years of trials, testing, learning, and gaining a real deep understanding of the complex and even not so complex aspects of resolving noisy failed sub-floors.

Use YouTube. Use forums. Even use a local handyman. However, do understand that if you truly want silence, if you’re in your forever or long term home, then don’t waste your time. Don’t make the process harder or even more expensive. Get SqueakFix in and enjoy a permanently silent home from the moment we leave!

Fill in the form below and you’ll be one step closer to utter silence! Sound like big words? Well, we can be confident, because we’ve been through the mill and back..

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