Is Fixing Noisy Floors Really Worth It?

The impact noise has on people in general is varied and extremely subjective. However, there are so many reasons why noise should be dealt with and especially in the context of noisy floors. Let’s look at some aspects of life where noisy floors can create a real problem.


This may seem like a strange starting point to some, but living in a home with chronic noisy floors can be extremely invasive and to some degree, toxic. Especially if there are lots of people living in the home. It’s almost like the noise just does not stop. From morning to night and even in the very early hours when members of the house may need to go to the bathroom. Sleep patterns being disturbed is not a healthy condition to live in.

A home should be a place of calm and tranquillity most of the time. The harsh rumble, cracks, creaks and squeaks of a noisy floor do absolutely nothing to promote peace. There may be some relief during certain times in the year as seasons change and wood expands or contracts, but in reality, they’re just always noisy. Sometimes even when nobody is walking on them!

I’ve had instances where I’ve called to some clients homes to assess their floors, and I literally couldn’t hear our conversation due to somebody walking around upstairs! I can only imagine how relaxing (sarcasm) that must be as members of the house are trying to watch television downstairs of an evening.

When people come to visit

How embarrassing! Chronic noisy floors can be incredibly embarrassing when people come to visit. Everyone loves to show off their house, so having to tell people upstairs to not walk around when such and such visits or having to apologies to them is just ridiculous. Nobody should have to do that in their own home!

When people come to stay over and the embarrassment you feel transfers to your visitors. They’re not able to walk around without waking up the entire household. You find yourself catching your visitors eye when your floors are sounding like a thousand stacked tin cans falling down. There is no call to live like that.

Value to the property and a strong selling point

We’ve been providing service for many years now and by far our biggest proportion of clients live in areas where multiple houses have been built by the same developer. This can range from large estates to small developments with a small number of houses on them. Noisy floors don’t tend to be an isolated thing within a development. You can bet if your house is noisy, they’ll be plenty of others if not all of the houses in your area that have the exact same problem.

If you wanted to sell up and your floors are silent and the house down the road has chronically noisy, it’s easy to see the clear edge you’ll have when both negotiating and selling your property.

People are wising up now a days. The days of “just put some screws in the floorboards” as the go to advise are over. When people are buying a home they wish to live in for the rest of their life or at the least for many years, they want real silence all the time. It’s a huge investment when buying a home and something as critical as chronic noisy floors can be a real deal breaker or maker.


To some, noisy floors are a thorn in their side. A real point of contention and embarrassment. When to some, they can actually pose a real hazard.

From failed ‘sub-floor header joints’ that can collapse (yes, I’ve seen it happen!) to the absolute mess left by a hapless plumber or electrician, safety is a real concern. It’s something that should be taken very seriously when a floor has become chronically noisy. I friend of mine actually seriously hurt her leg when she fell through a failed stair tread that collapsed, so I do have some prior real world experience of that.

I don’t wish to sound like a sensationalist here, so I think I should give some balance. More often than not, if a part of a ‘sub-floor’ does happen to collapse and you have carpet or wood flooring installed, the carpet or wood floor will prevent you from going straight through. It would still become a hazard, but a floor covering is actually good to give some form of prior notice.


In summary, of course a noisy floor is worth fixing! We’re slightly biased, understandably.

I think, in reality it depends on the individual members of the household to answer that question. We can point at a few things to consider, but you may have your own opinions and thoughts. Your noisy floor may be affecting you in an entirely different way than some of the points I’ve highlighted above.

Although, if you’ve read this far, you may have answered that question already..

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