The benefits to solving squeaky chipboard

There are many benefits to solving squeaky chipboard flooring. From experience, we know just how intrusive squeaking floors can be. I’ve even had clients tell me they were contemplating selling their house! I’m not talking about a small area of squeaking here. When a property suffers from squeaking chipboard, it tends to be extensive (as you probably well know if you’re reading this article)…

The information in this article is based from real customer experiences. The reasons for addressing the classic problem of squeaky flooring echo’s. Time and again, the same reasons come through.


  • We’ve had clients tell us they have to plot a route through the squeaky mine field so they don’t wake the kids up. This is often the straw that breaks the camels back and they contact us for help. After several years of stepping on egg shells as they walk through their own house, the realization hits that the problem isn’t going away. In fact, it’s likely to get worse as time goes on.
  • The noise squeaking chipboard makes is particularly grating. Add that to the angry noise of loose fixings from nails in partition wall base studs and it can become quite literally unbearable.
  • Again, if you’re reading this you’ll know the next issue all to well. The noise from squeaking chipboard as you’re relaxing downstairs. Often, every step from the kids, spouses, visitors can be heard through the sound of the creaks. It can be a kin to feeling like your privacy is being invaded or in some ways, like you’re invading the person upstairs privacy.

You simply can’t put a price on peace. A lot of people live with squeaky chipboard not knowing there is actually a solution. A real solution! Not additional screws/nails, not talcum powder, not waxes or any other nonsense.

Resale value and speed of sale

I recently had a conversation with an estate agent. I mentioned the issue of squeaky chipboard in modern built properties and asked how the issue effected them and their clients. She replied, “We’ve had a property in Bury (Manchester) that has recently had six viewings. Every one of those viewings resulted in no offer being made directly due to the noisy flooring upstairs.” Enough said!

Often people can not see passed the noisy flooring. It seems to be culturally excepted that newer properties have noisy floors, and that’s that! With our real solution, that is absolutely not the case!

So you live on a new style property estate. There are two properties closely situated. One has the horrendous squeaks and creaks. The other doesn’t. Which one is the potential buyer going to choose? We are talking about a place where children are going to be raised. A place where family harmony is all important. The answer to the question is pretty obvious.

Whether you’re about to buy or sell a property with squeaky/creaky floors, do know, that there’s a solution to get rid of all them noises! The solution is here with us.

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