Squeaky Floor In Newly Renovated Property

The absolute last thing anyone would expect with a newly renovated property is squeaky noisy floors! And rightly so! Since we began solving squeaky chipboard floors, we’ve received a huge number of enquiries from clients with brand new or nearly brand new renovated properties all over the country..

Anyone in their right mind would not dream of accepting a fresh build that is stunning in every way, except the most critical aspect that will let itself be known every STEP of the way! 

Let’s get this straight! The use of chipboard is none discriminatory. It is across the board, from lower end to multi-million pound extensions. Noisy floors are pandemic is our society.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just how it’s done in this day and age. Architects and builders alike specify chipboard as the material to use for sub-floor installations. Part of that being a cost exercise and part being a cultural phenomenon, “It’s what everyone uses!”.

When you buy or commission a renovation, the last thing you should have to think about is living in the property for the next twenty plus years with chronically noisy floors, and you don’t have to!

Our expertise covers all new build style properties and even pre-1970’s. We believe you shouldn’t have to put up with noisy floors, and have developed a cast iron system to remove them, for good!

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