Noisy Squeaky Bedroom Floor

Bedroom floors are by far one of the most common of all floors to squeak and of course, it’s really not the ideal place for this to happen. The floors never seem to be squeaky in an obscure part of the room. Always just where they have most chance of waking the house up!

There’s another unexpected nuisance that squeaky creaky bedroom floors present. That’s the horrendous drum like resonance that invades the rooms downstairs when someone is walking around in the bedroom. That particular aspect of noise invasion isn’t immediately obvious when discussing THE noise. One just does not think the noise of a squeaky creaky chipboard floor would be a problem for people in the rooms below. However, we’re being commissioned to remedy the squeaks, often with emphasis on addressing the noise in the room/s below.

Your bedroom is a place of privacy and peace. It should not be the place where everyone in the house knows your exact footsteps. It should not be the place that raises annoyance or breaks the sleep of others in your house. It can be dealt with, and dealt with for good. Do not waste any more time and do not compromise the standard of living for you and your family! Act now! Not in twenty years..

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