Squeaky landing floors

Landing floors are often ground zero of the noisy flooring world. They are the epicentre. A place where heating pipes converge as they branch off into each individual room and the boiler. For retrospective work, a place where direct access to pipe fittings i.e. Elbows, straight connectors, reducers, and ‘T’ sections, are often priority. Pipe work aside, landings are a place of extremely high use, where one of the main thoroughfares of a house is found..

Let’s get this straight, plumbers do not care about your floors squeaking, and in some sense, why should they? They’re plumbers, not floor installers. They’ll cut and hack your, probably already squeaky, chipboard flooring into pieces so they can do their job. If you’re lucky, they’ll even attempt to screw or nail it back down. Of course, I’m flippantly generalising here. Plumbers aren’t all bad, but I’m not flippantly generalising when I say chipboard is!

When you have an area that’s walked across constantly, chipboard doesn’t have the core integrity to keep a good hold of the fixings, whether that be nails or screws. The wood particle construction simply breaks down over time and the fixings become slightly loose. Add that to the standard deflection (vertical movement of the joist when a foot load is applied), and you have a situation where the fixings rub against the chipboard. Creating one of the commonly known, but not exclusive, factors to why your landing floor is squeaky.

If you’re one of the many that is constantly tortured by this phenomenon, let me tell you, there is a solution. We’ve developed several steadfast strategies to deal with noisy landing floors.

From assessing and identifying key areas of noise to provide a tailored solution. From addressing loose joist hanger fixings, clanging/rubbing pipes, rubbing sistered joists and/or loose fixings in this type of joist configuration, partition wall fixings, and of course last but not least, ‘chipboard and its fixings’! After nearly five years of successfully dealing with noisy landings and squeaky floors in general, we have the experience and knowhow, period!

Take a look at this short video highlighting what you can expect to receive.

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