It’s Not Always Just Chipboard That Squeaks

A lot of blame for squeaky creaky sub-floors can be attributed to chipboard, and rightly so. Chipboard is a chronic and consistent problem in our day and age. Although chipboard can be associated with approximately 90% of the typical squeaks and creaks, over the years we’ve found several areas that also add to the noise..

One of them being mid joist support noggins and/or perimeter noggins. Often the solution is to remove and replace them, remove them all together (where allowing – Certain placement of some noggins being incorrect or serving no purpose).

There are three typical reasons for these noggins to create noise. The first, being loose nails. Nails that have become loose as the noggin and/or joist have shrank due to them having to high moisture content during the initial installation and now have dried. The second, poor installation i.e. not enough fixings or poorly located fixings. The third, warping of the joists, which narrows the point of contact between the noggin and joists. Essentially creating a highly pressured rubbing point.

The video below illustrates the potential noise a noggin can produce. In this instance, you’ll hear a very metallicy sound as a loose nail rubs against the wood as well as the rubbing of the noggin against the joist. It’s clear this noggin was being pulled from left to right, but it was making similar noises when walked across. The video is merely for demonstration purposes.

Edit : Another more recent phenomena is cracking noises coming from the ceiling below. This particular issue throws a real curve ball to anyone thinking their chipboard floors are noisy/failing. Well, there’s a good chance they probably are.

However, the worst position anyone can be in is to go through the upheaval of having their chipboard floors replaced or addressed, but the noise is still there! Absolutely soul destroying and financially painful. Through our experience, we’ve developed a permanent solution to this phenomena. Take a look at the comparison video’s below.

In the video above you’ll here a fifteen stone man walking around a carpeted floor in the room above.

In the next video, well, you may not hear him. However, you can be assured, he is walking the exact same path.

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