Noisy Chipboard Flooring From Upstairs Apartment

Apartment blocks can be one of THE worst places for transmission of sound, period. From lifts, to slamming doors, they can all play their part in disturbing your comfort. However, by far, the floors can often be the worst intrusion of your privacy. 

An ever constant reminder of what your upstairs neighbours are doing, step by step! Especially, when their chipboard floors are emitting the classic squeak/creak!

As well as them intruding on you (rarely maliciously), you may even deep down feel like you’re intruding on them. In a way, you’re forced into a strange position of unwanted eavesdropping. Sometimes, you just don’t want to know what other people are doing, right?

Dare I say, this is a health problem more than just a nuisance. From an outsiders point of view, noise from upstairs neighbours may be laughable. However, when you’re living it day by day, the laughs soon become old. Of course, to the natural sceptic, this article is leading up to the big sales pitch, and to some degree, you’d be right. This is our business. We solve noisy floors. However, I, the writer of this article, have lived with this same problem for years. I’m well positioned to write about it with some authority. Like you, I’m well aware of just how intrusive, annoying, and mentally draining the problem of noisy floors in apartments can be.

Okay, so here’s the sales pitch. We can remove the squeaky/creaky noise for good! Our solution needs to run hand in hand with common sense. In short, that means with the use of carpet in the upstairs apartment (not wood/laminate flooring) to greatly lower standard impact noise.

It also has to involve some serious discussion with your upstairs neighbours, both from a financial and upheaval point of view. The main points of benefit for them being a potentially huge increase is their properties saleability, value, and of course the removal of noise from their own floor that’s likely proving to be a menace for them as well.

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