What Exactly Does A Squeak Free Guarantee Mean?

Let’s start by asking what a guarantee really means. It means ‘Accountability’ towards the company providing the guarantee. At its core, that is really what a guarantee actually is. A guarantee is saying to a client, if there’s a problem, and should we be deemed responsible, then we will correct the problem.

This definition may well change if a company doesn’t uphold their guarantee, but at the moment the guarantee is being issued, the company is actually saying to the client, we are accountable for our actions while working in/on your property.

Through means of remedial works or financial re-imbursement, a company providing a guarantee is offering protection to their clients.

Now lets look at the above in context. SqueakFix offer our clients the chance to permanently eradicate mechanical noise in their properties floors. We do this under a 10 year guarantee with every flooring project (Excluding localised repairs).

What does this truly mean to our clients in real life. It means that we are offering silence from constant mechanical noises i.e. Creaks, squeaks, bangs, clicks, pops, growls and so on. It means, if we don’t provide that, we’ll either keep coming back till we do or offer a payment in return if we can’t (extremely rare) solve the issue.

This may sound like something that would be offered by any contractor, but trust us when we say, it is absolutely not. It’s a brave contractor that offers any guarantee in the field of removing noise from floors, let alone the longest guarantee in the industry bar none like SqueakFix!

One sentiment we’ve heard echo over the years, is that solving chronic noisy floors is impossible. This is what a lot of our clients are greeted with when they call other contractors. Well, to us that simply just sounds like an easy get out. Nobody wants to put their name to something they truly don’t understand. With a strong background in engineering, a pedigree in wood floor installations, and a large dose of tenacity, SqueakFix utterly and completely understands the problems associated with noisy wood floors. If we don’t – for instance if a new construction type/method comes on the market – we’ll be completely open and honest. We only give our unique 10 year guarantee to clients we know we’re going to be able to provide silence for, of which most of the time, we can.

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