The Emotional Effects Of Noisy Chipboard

Over the years of dealing with and solving chronic noisy chipboard floors and their other associated problems, we’ve clearly been given the chance to gain a great deal of feedback from our clients. When I started this company, I don’t think I was fully aware of just what effect these floors were having on people.

Of course, the effects of noise is down to perspective and type of constitution a person has. However, everyone has their limits.
When the chronic noise of chipboard floors is affecting the whole family, anyone’s resolve can be tested.

Add that to the thought of living with noisy flooring for the next ten plus years with little sight of an effective solution, well, how can the effect of that even be measured?

When a floor is chronically noisy, it doesn’t go away. It doesn’t leave you alone. Until humanity has a massive evolutionary leap and learns the art of levitation, it never will.

Many echoing sentiments from clients are they have had to learn to walk a certain path. They’ve had to learn to navigate around their home in a way that creates as little noise as possible in an effort to not wake the house up! Nobody should have to live like that. You should be able to move around your home freely. You should be able to think about more important matters rather than where to put your feet in your own home.

A statement I recently heard from a client, “I walk around my home at night and I disturb the families sleep patterns”. My next thought as I share that statement and write this article is, she must avoid walking round her home at certain times of the day! Why on earth is that even a thing? Why on earth does my company even exist?!

In the context of chronic noisy floors, the weight of this is rarely looked at seriously by outsiders. Whether that be the developer of your home, an independent body whom is supposed to carry some burden of warranty, or even friends and family. Perhaps they just don’t care (It’s not my house). Perhaps they’ve seen it that much, it’s now the norm. Perhaps they do actually care but just don’t know how to help.

Let me tell you now, we understand! We’ve become extremely attuned to what’s acceptable and what isn’t. We’ve had clients very literally wanting to sell up and move. We’ve felt that utter desperation, just wanting to find a solution. We’ve had clients that have lived with chronic noisy chipboard floors for twenty years plus. Imagine a twenty year abscess and one day you find the right people and it disappears.

Well, that is exactly what we offer! Of course, this sounds like the classic empathetic article with the big sales pitch finale. It is in a way. After all, we are a company that specifically deals with noisy chipboard floors and their associated issues, so of course the articles I write are structured in a certain way.

However, I do urge you to read this article again. For those of you that are living with these floors, I’m sure you’ll relate. The points made will resonate, of that I’m positive.

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