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Over the years, we’ve come into contact with people that are just at the end of their tether from the disruption caused by chronically noisy chipboard floors! To those that don’t suffer this problem, it may well seem somewhat trivial. For those that do, it can very literally be depressing. 

Imagine constantly living on an 18th century ship (without the rocking of course)?

Some houses can sound haunting. Especially at night when all’s quiet.

Some can sound angry. Especially to people with a sensitive nature.

Some can feel and sound unsafe! Especially when the chipboard flooring is actually moving under foot.

These statements may seem unusual to those that don’t know, that is until you actually experience this prevalent and frankly unnecessary problem.

Our extensively tested and trialled system provides a life changing solution! Period!

Imagine if the 18th century ship noises disappeared over night! Imagine the haunting and angry sounds stopped permanently! Imagine your house felt and sounded safe! All of the above is simply what a house should be. Normal!!!

That is exactly what we do on a daily basis!

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