The downsides to squeaky chipboard

Experience gathered from being in the flooring trade for over twenty years, I can tell you I’ve met countless people that are completely and utterly sick of their noisy floors. For most of my career, I was helpless too. We’d install a floor, and straight away the aesthetics would be completely over shadowed by the terrible creaks.

What are the downsides to squeaky chipboard?

Well, If you’re reading this, you likely know very well what the downsides are and you’re probably calling me names right now! But let’s look at this question for people perhaps ready to purchase a house with this problem or even for people wanting to empathize with a friends or family members or even so you know you’re not going crazy and building this issue up out of all proportion (You’re not, trust me).

  • To an outsider (A person lucky enough to have a property without the problem of noisy creaky chipboard), this entire issue can sound trivial. Well let me assure you, it isn’t! It’s a constant thing that simply does not go away!
  • A squeaky creaky chipboard floor can be embarrassing when you have friends, family, and/or guests round. Imagine somebody is staying over and they decide to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, but their path is broadcast to the entire household. How embarrassing is that?!
  • From the other side, do you want to here someone’s every move while travelling to the toilet? How intrusive does that feel? Very! We all know our own houses/apartments. Even to the degree of actually knowing someone’s position at any given moment, especially at night when all’s silent.
  • You’re the person travelling to the toilet. It’s your property so you know where all the bad spots are. You find yourself almost in a game of twister or minefield trying your absolute hardest both not to broadcast that you’re going to the loo and wake the entire house up. It’s a common theme.
  • You’re sat in your lounge relaxing and suddenly you hear a family member walking around upstairs. It gets on your nerves!
  • You’re trying to sell your house and are dreading it when the prospective buyers go upstairs. What are you going to do? How are you going to explain the terrible noise upstairs? We’re in contact with estate agents on a regular basis, and this problem echo’s. It’s resulted in many problems when selling.
  • The general continuous creaking and squeaking intrusively plays on your psyche. It can chip away at you for all the reasons above or just simply because it’s there.

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