The importance of M-Class dust extraction

In the context of resolving noisy sub-floors like chipboard/particle board, the processes involved are extremely invasive. We need to use both rotary and oscillating type tools to do the job.

Both tool types above can create a great deal of dust. In particular, fine particle dust. When you consider most chipboard/particle board products contain formaldehyde as part of the binding agent, it’s extremely important that when taking on such work in your property as resolving noisy floors, the extraction of dust is taken incredibly seriously by the contractor.

The chipboard/particle board isn’t the only consideration to be made. When removing any chipboard material it’s extremely easy to disturb any insulation material that has been placed in the cavity during the original build. Some types of insulation can be an extreme irritant to say the least. In particular, fibreglass products.

Add to the above all the other types of particles that will become present during the process I.e. gypsum and carbons, it doesn’t take a scientist to understand the absolute importance of quality dust extraction. Something we see most tradesmen give very little weight to.

As part of our push and commitment to continue developing, we have now introduced M – Class (< Click this link to find out more about dust extraction classes) extraction equipment to be used in clients homes as standard. Our current cleaning schedule is high, but we’ll now be taking this to the next level. In other words, our M – Class dust extraction machines will be getting turned on a whole lot more.

We are so determined to create a safe working environment for our clients aswell as our staff, we see any increased investment in dust extraction technology as a no brainer!


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