Squeaky floor in new extension

We’ve been fixing squeaky creaky chipboard noise now for some time. We originally thought our target audience (so to speak) was going to be new style properties build from the 90’s on-wards. However, since we started, we’ve found a lot of our work has also been solving this issue in new extensions. It would seem the go to flooring for builders is chipboard…

The overwhelming sentiment our clients have expressed, is that they simply didn’t get a choice. Chipboard is firmly the modern day standard product that’s used.

The noise difference from the original rooms compared to the newer extension is often significant. A completely different sound and as with the majority of chipboard floors, squeaky and creaky.

A lot of these properties are forever homes. Our clients do not want to hear their properties sounding like a creaky sailing ship every time someone walks into and around the newer part. It echo’s everywhere. Tormenting.

Sadly, builders tend to walk away. Not really seeing the problem as, well, a problem. It’s what every other builder does and what every architect specs for. Not forgetting, to put it right can eat into their profits.

You’re very likely reading this as your extension suffers from squeaky creaky chipboard, and you just want a solution. You want it to go away. After you’ve exhausted all other avenues, from arguing with the builders, trying screws, powders, oils, extra nails and so on and so on…Just know there is a solution. We’ve developed a technique to remove 95% (In most cases higher!) of all noise associated with squeaky creaky chipboard flooring. You can have permanent peace and at an affordable cost!

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