Selling a house with squeaky floors

We’ve done a decent amount of market research over the last few years. Asking homeowners and estate agents one pretty exact question, “Has your squeaky floors presented issues when selling your/a property?” The overwhelming answer, Yes!…

I spoke to an estate agent in Prestwich, Manchester, not long ago. She’d had a house (New style) on the market for a year. Six viewings later, and every one of the potential buyers had solely rejected the property due to one thing. You guessed it, the horrendous squeaky creaky floors upstairs. Add that reality to the common false notion that nothing can be done, and you’ve got a real problem.

I think it’s important to remember. When buying a property, the majority of people are doing so with the view to it either being their forever home, or at the least, a long term stepping stone. Perhaps while they’re raising children.

They simply do not want the constant noise that squeaky floors (chipboard) provides them.

You could fob the new prospective buyers off with reassurances that a few screws here and there will rectify the issue. Well, I’m sure after reading some of the key posts on this website, you very clearly now know that simply is not the case for the vast majority of failed and/or poorly installed chipboard floors.

By virtue of reading this article alone, you’ll now have to wrestle with your conscience that any easy fix remedial remedy you suggest, is in fact unlikely to succeed (That statement drawn from over twenty years in the residential flooring industry). You may have just passed on the years of irritation and torture we are all very familiar with  to an undeserving buyer.

There is however, an alternative. You could have the squeaky creaky floors addressed properly by us. At the least, you could pass on our details to the estate agent or perspective purchaser, knowing that the floors can and will get fixed, permanently! No more squeaky chipboard floors! Do trust me when I say, your promise will be good.

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