Problem Chipboard A Complex Issue


Failed chipboard flooring is indeed a complex issue. Far more complex than people give it credit for. The sentiment echoes “Just do this”, “Just do that”, but if it was that easy, why are the vast majority of our projects started by stripping back what other tradesmen/diy’ers have done before.

I must have read every forum post and every article on the topic of failed chipboard floors. One thing that really strikes me, the general consensus is always that the solution is one thing. Just add screws. Honestly, if it was that easy, our company simply would not exist.

There’s variables as to why chipboard floors fail, from poor installation (poor acclimation of materials, general bad workmanship etc), weather (exposed structures being rained on etc), and/or regulations (a general failure in the system, a flawed method).

There are also variables in what actually fails. It’s not always chipboard alone. In fact, ‘only failed chipboard’ is exceptionally rare. Over the years our system has had to develop. We now have to permanently address common noise issue such as partition wall fixings, joist hangers, ceiling issues, warped joists, sistered joists, building straps, noggins and of course chipboard.

Anyone that’s experienced the issue of noisy flooring in a new build style property (Typically built from 1970’s onwards) and tried to fix it will understand the next paragraph with great depth.

The arduous task of removing furniture and floor coverings to have a floor fixed, then put it all back, only to discover the fix hasn’t worked is sole destroying. Then to go through all that again and again, is utterly ridiculous. We’ve calculated on average we’re the third company or attempt at solving this issue. This information is gleaned from both clients and certain differing methods used like different screws, oils etc that we see everyday.

If you’re going to get it done, get it done once!


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