Our Worst Yet?

Over the past five years we’ve seen some pretty bad chipboard floors, but I think we may have seen our worst yet. Although, it is hard to say that as there seems to be one that tops all every month!

Our client had moved into the property in November 2016. Her words were “It didn’t seem as bad when I came to view the house”. We find this happens a lot. Sometimes that can be down to a temporary repair like installing screws into the chipboard, which from experience, NEVER works. It can be down to heavy furniture weighing the floor down or furniture that has been positioned over the worst effected areas that prevents the floor being walked on (Not necessarily maliciously I might add).  We also hear people say it just didn’t seem as obvious, which of course could be down to a person or couple simply falling in love with the house and getting carried away with excitement. We all know how that feels! That initial euphoria, then the cracks start to appear!

I digress. What you are about to see is a short video capturing the chronic and hideous noise of one terrible chipboard floor. Half way through you’ll see the results after our solution has been applied.

In the first six seconds you’ll hear both the movement of the chipboard rubbing on its fixings (nails) and the partition wall base rail fixings also rubbing against the chipboard. Over all, you’ll hear the terrible acoustics of the chipboard as my colleague walks around the entire floor.

In the second half of the video you’ll see these noises have been completely eradicated for good. You will hear the standard clumpy noise of shoes walking on bare wood which will disappear once carpet has been installed.

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